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The place where work is more than just a job. We provide an opportunity to fuel your talent and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of innovation. If you are in love with innovation, target, break constraints, using the latest technology – You will love it in Geniuses.

We endeavor to provide a lasting platform for professionals destined to be our change force.


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Benefits of Noviyans

  • Parental Leave Policy
    For men and women at Noviyo Inc, we offering up to three months of paid leave. This policy also applies for in cases of any surgery, unhealthy condition, pregnancy, marriage, and etc. In countries where the mandated leave policy is more than three months, local regulations apply.
  • Probation Period
    Three months is a probationary period for employees and there will be no pay cuts or hold during this period.
  • Employee Contract
    The contract must be renewed every two years after the probationary period. Noviyo Inc provides medical insurance to all its employees unless these are already covered by the government. In some cases, the insurance extends coverage to spouses and children as well during this contract period.
  • Paid Leave Policy
    Noviyo's Leave Policy has been designed to give our employees the necessary time off to cater to their health when needed. Eligible Noviyans can avail of up to 10 days of paid leave in a year or as indicated by local laws.
  • In-office Creche
    An in-house creche and daycare facility is available in all our large offices.
  • In-office Psychiatrist Team
    We have an in-house team of psychiatrists and counselors focusing on creating a healthier work environment for all.
  • Food and Snacks
    Noviyo has an all-time accessible pantry facility and offers food and snacks at subsidized rates in all its large offices.